Pope Saint John Paul II Catholic Academy strives to be on the leading edge of incorporating technology into the school day. We believe that effective use of technology in the classroom is vital to each child’s academic success especially in these contemporary times. Through sustained teacher training and collaboration, our students are exposed to the latest and most beneficial technology applications available.


Over the years, student computer labs have been installed, as well as interactive Smartboard projector technology. Our two campus computer labs utilize the most updated software and touchscreen computers available.


Realizing the need to prepare students to navigate a very different world, the Academy is committed to helping students learn what they will need to be successful in the 21st century.


Our technological formation includes:


  • General keyboarding skills
  • Researching skills are developed as students prepare reports and other literary works.
  • Use content-related tools, software, and simulations to support learning and research
  • Apply productivity /multimedia tools and peripherals to support personal productivity, group collaboration and learning throughout curriculum
  • Demonstrate the test editing features of a word processing document
  • Demonstrate the special formatting features of a word processing program
  • Plot and use different types of charts and graphs
  • Use PowerPoint to create projects and assignments
  • Construct a simple spreadsheet
  • Students utilize: Word, Excel, Power Point, Storybook and other software.