Spiritual Life

We are excited to inaugurate Pope St. John Paul II Catholic Academy this year as seven Aurora parishes come together to promote Catholic education in one Catholic School. Each of these parishes has a long tradition spanning about a century or more of ministering spiritually and educationally to the families of Aurora. Now we are combining these traditions into one, hoping to enrich each other with the traditions and culture each parish has developed.


Catholic education is at the center of our collective tradition. We all desire to help our youth to develop into strong leaders in our society. We believe that instruction and growth in faith and the living of Gospel values is more than just an “extra” feature in the curriculum. We believe that our faith is what inspires and guides us in all aspects of our lives.


With this in mind we hope to achieve the goal of a truly universal education by integrating faith, academics, and human values into a harmonious program of formation for our students. We seek to educate the whole person, helping each one to reach the fullness of their capabilities. Our students are engaged in religion class Monday thru Friday and attend weekly Mass at the respective campus. Please join us in this endeavor to help our youth. We want to see them attain their dreams and goals.


Father Timothy Mulcahey, Executive Pastor