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Home & School

What is Home & School?

Home and School is a group that supports major fundraisers, social events, and educational extras that will make our school great! Every parent with an enrolled child is a member of Home and School and can attend a meeting at any time. We will plan events at both campuses. Some events will be separate and some will be combined events between the two campuses.


How will the meetings work?

Meeting will occur monthly. The location will alternate between the North and South campus. Board members will report activity and vote on upcoming plans at the meetings. Meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm for next school year.



We are always looking for volunteers! You do not need to hold a position on the board to volunteer. Please contact anyone on the board, the school office on your campus, or your room rep to get involved today!


Board Position Descriptions:


Co-Presidents: Each campus will have a President and they will work together to lead meetings and over-see all board activities. 

Treasurer: The treasurer will report all finances to the board, deposit funds, write checks, and maintain all checkbooks. 

Secretary: The secretary will record the minutes at all meetings to keep accurate records of all home and school discussions. 

Fundraising Chairs: There will be co-chairs for each campus. The position will be divided into four co-chairs to help manage the fundraisers and eat-out nights. 

Communications Chair: This position will be in charge of all public communication from the board- Facebook updates, school speak information from home and school, posters, etc.

Spanish Speaking Liaison Co-chairs: There will be a chairperson for each campus to help with written and spoken translations as needed related to home and school and parent events.

Social Co-chairs:  The Social co-chairs will oversee the planning of social events and work closely with the Room Reps during the planning of various social events. 

Room Reps: There will be 2 room reps per class at each campus. The room reps will plan class parties. Each grade’s room reps will also plan one social event per year with the assistance of the social chair. They will obtain volunteers for the event and establish other plans as needed for the event assigned.
We are still in need of Room Rep Volunteers!

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